Comment popup dialog

Use this dialog when you need to enter big multi-line comment.
In the status bar, in reports, in the Test Detail Area HostMonitor will display only 1st comment line. However using macro variables you can access whole comment or any of its lines. Macro %TaskComment% represents whole comment, all lines separated by CRLF (0x13,0x10). To access to a specific line use macro type %CommentLineX% where X is number of the line.

You can enter as many comment lines as you need. To add a new line to the end of the list go to the last existing line and press Down Arrow button. To insert new line press INSERT button. To remove line press CTRL+DEL. To edit line press F2.

Note: there is "hidden" option that allows you to change titles for comment lines displayed by "Comment" dialog. You may add line like AlternativeCommentTitles=address;phone;admin_name;admin_e-mail into [Misc] section of hostmon.ini file and restart HostMonitor. Then Comments dialog will display "address" instead of %CommentLine1%, "phone" instead of %CommentLine2%, "admin name" instead of %CommentLine3% and so on.