Expression editor

Expression Editor Expression editor shows list of standard and user defined macro variables, also it allows each operator to create his own "favorite" list of variables. There are buttons that allow you to filter standard macro variables by category.
Several menu items help to work with variables (popup menu appears when you click right mouse button on macro variable in the list):

Favorite variables can be moved up (Ctrl+Up) and down (Ctrl+Down) or sorted alphabetically.

Also Expression Editor checks expressions for quotation marks and parenthesis, marks such elements in red when error detected, shows warning label with hint.

There are special buttons in Test Properties dialog that allow you to bring up "Expression editor" window for "Warning", "Normal", and "Tune up Reply" expressions editing.
Also "Expression editor" can be used when you setup expressions for "advanced mode" actions and specific properties for the following actions:
  • Send E-Mail
  • Log Event
  • SQL Query
  • Send data to TCP/UDP port
  • Syslog